Author Kristin McBreen, written for SapientNitroSapientNitro

Getting the Job After Graduation

Getting a job is NOT easy. Despite having the talent, knowledge, degree and drive to take on the “real world,” most people have many interviews before finding the job that works for them. That’s true of any professional, but it is especially true for recent graduates.

To give you an edge, we’ve got a few pointers to help get you started on your job search not only right after graduation, but throughout your career. Before you start applying, you’ve got to get your story right, but you also need to make sure you look the part and can hold your own during your interview.


It all starts with your resume. Consider it your calling card – it’s the tool that will get companies to talk to you.  We’ve got some pointers on things that will help you rise to the top of the pile.

Length – One page for you newbies right out of college, and usually no more than two pages for more seasoned job seekers, no matter how experienced.

Information – It is not your life story, it’s your professional story. While your Mom is certainly proud you won your 5th grade science fair blue ribbon, but interviewers…not so much.  Make sure the information you share is relevant to your job search.

The right information – Those coming out of school may not have tons of professional experience, but highlight what you do have. An internship junior year, a part-time job in town, even that stint as a teacher’s aide might help illustrate your drive, commitment and tenacity.

Details – That said your resume is about conveying information about your experience and abilities. Fancy text, ironic layout and huge graphics that crush email box size limits can shift focus away from your accomplishments. Avoid these rookie mistakes.

Grammar – Quite simply, your present job should be in present tense, past jobs in past tense. Spelling errors are a no-no and spell check won’t catch all of them! One of the most frequent? Manage and Mange. You don’t want your prospective employer thinking you have mange do you?

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