Amanda Poulter, former Enactus Lakehead President, is living her passion of helping others as a Bank Advisor for RBC Royal Bank. As a successful Enactus alumna, she encourages current students to ‘Speak up!’

“The fact that you are an Enactus student shows that you have an entrepreneurial mind and amazing ideas!” says Amanda. “Many companies look for employees with those qualities. So keep day dreaming but share it with people who can help make your ideas a reality!”

In her role as a Bank Advisor, she is responsible for advising clients on their accounts, investments, and credit. The reason she gets up every morning, excited to go to work, is being able to give financial advice and make an impact on people’s lives.

Amanda considers herself fortunate to have accepted a job right out of school, though the road to get her there wasn’t easy. She started applying for jobs in December for post-graduation in May. She came across RBC Royal Bank and was impressed by what the organization does for its community, clients, and employees.

Following a lot of preparation and two interviews, she was offered the job! Since accepting the opportunity in May 2016, Amanda has experienced first-hand how RBC Royal Bank works as a team and gives back to its community.

“I had the opportunity to work with RBC on a project they were doing across Canada called ‘Make 150 Count’. I was partnered with a local youth with $150.00, donated by RBC, to make a difference in our community. We collected backpacks and filled them with basic essentials and gave them to a local shelter to give out to men in need. This is just one example of the involvement that RBC has had in communities across Canada.”

Amanda thanks Enactus for giving her collaboration and time-management skills, which continue to contribute to her success today.