Written by Eddie Piromsuk, Corporate Human Resources Manager, Enterprise

Enactus 2015 - Day 2-2-2You’ve probably heard that some people are natural born leaders. While it may seem that way, nearly everyone can learn to become a leader by developing certain abilities. Here are four skills to master to become an effective leader.


Innovative ideas won’t get far if other people don’t understand them. Knowing your audience and learning to clearly describe your ideas and goals can help make sure your message is well received.

Communication is also essential to building relationships with your team, your customers and your external partners. Building trust is vital to sales and marketing – two important parts of a business’ growth and success.


Leaders understand their team’s dynamics, strengths and individual goals. Try to delegate responsibilities by leveraging the strengths of individual team members and giving them opportunities for growth.


It’s smart to have a plan, but it’s equally important to be ready to think on your feet. To work on your adaptability, try to get exposure to different parts of a project or business. It will give you a broad understanding of how everything fits together – and help you overcome any obstacle that may arise.

Honing this skill will be important for entering the workforce, as customer needs can change at any moment but you’ll still need to be sure they end up completely satisfied.


Leadership means more than just managing the day-to-day. It’s about having a long-term strategy and objectives to help get there. When you communicate them to your team, make sure everyone understands how their individual accomplishments build up to the team’s or company’s overall success.

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, strike out on your own or just become a more influential team member, cultivate these skills to position yourself as a rising leader!