Written by Victoria Blue, Assistant Shopper Marketing Manager, Unilever Canada and Alumni from Saint Mary’s University

As technology makes it possible for us to access virtually anything we need without leaving our home or office, creating human connections is becoming a rare skill that must be encouraged. Creating purposeful connections allows us to find and become part of a community with shared goals, ethics and values which is fundamental to building successful businesses, careers and lives. Organizations of all types depend on teams that are able to work together toward a common purpose. Insightful organizations understand that they have a role in encouraging teamwork and networking skills and seek out opportunities such as Enactus to achieve that end.

As students moving into the workforce, networking skills and a resume that demonstrates your willingness to serve others is a valuable asset. Your ability to build a network is not a luxury but a necessity, and every opportunity to connect and demonstrate your ability to serve is valuable. Enactus gives you the opportunity to develop your networking skills by connecting you to a network of like-minded peers, entrepreneurs, and companies that sponsor and support your work. As part of an Enactus team, you learn to build valuable business relationships; you need them to perform as a team, to network with the community at large and to develop the bond you will have with the small businesses and entrepreneurs you work with to create a meaningful impact.

Your Enactus experience will bridge the transition from school to your career by creating lifelong connections. The companies that sponsor Enactus, do so not only to support the development of high caliber future leaders, but also to have first access to their next generation of employees. Participating in Enactus demonstrates that you care for others, have an entrepreneurial mindset, possess a social conscience, and are environmentally aware. These qualities are a great foundation for opening doors and creating conversations with employers or mentors.