Careers Resources - SuccessCareer coaching can serve a variety of different purposes like getting you inspired, motivated, and informed.

Whether you are first or fifth year, clear or unclear of your career path, career coaching can shine new light on strategies to achieving a successful career.   Career coaches help people identify their strengths and weaknesses, and identify what types of careers may be best suitable.  They help people to set goals

There are resources all around you – check out the career center on your campus.  They have great resources for you specific to your area, and most offer one-on-one career coaching.

A big piece of advice a career coach will give you is to gain experience by dipping your hands in different areas of interest.

How do you go about gaining this experience?


Enactus is a great place to get your hands dirty and try new things.  As a new school year is starting, make a list of all the things you want to do and skills you want to learn.  Then find different ways to make it happen! Join a project or start a new initiative, Enactus is the place to gain experience.