Completion of this form is mandatory and due November 30, 2017.

  • General Information

  • If the answer is "No", please take a short break from filling out this form, go to your Team Management spreadsheet, input the missing information, come back to this form and continue filling it once it's done 🙂
  • Enactus Canada Regional Exposition

    Western Regionals - March 1st & 2nd - Calgary // Central Regionals - March 8th & 9th - Mississauga // Atlantic Regionals - March 15th & 16th - Halifax
    Please note that we will be making the competition schedule based on your responses, and any change has a significant impact on the National Office. If unforeseen circumstances arise and prevent you from competing, please contact your Program Manager IMMEDIATELY.
  • Enactus Canada National Exposition

    May 14th to 16th 2018, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Enactus Canada Leadership Summit

    May 17th-19th 2018, Camp Pine Crest
  • Note that this event is open to a MAXIMUM of two students per team, that the cost is $200 per person and that it covers transportation, meals & accommodation.