CoraCora Moriarty’s career keeps growing at Scotiabank.

Cora was introduced to Scotiabank through the Student Success Initiative at Enactus Canada and began her career just two short weeks after graduating from Cape Breton University in May 2011.

Starting as a Customer Support Representative Trainee in her hometown branch, Cora’s career has been blossoming within Scotiabank at a rapid pace. About six months afterjoining the team at Scotiabank, Cora was offered the Manager, Customer Service position at another location. Nine months later she was offered the Manager, Customer Service role at the New Glasgow branch, a much larger facility with exciting and challenging opportunities for Cora

“Our company motto of ‘One Team, One Goal’ is proven every day, working with both colleagues in our own branches, and our many great business partners within Scotiabank,” said Cora. “With the opportunities that have been presented to me in only 19 months, I can only imagine what will come to me over the next 35 years!”

Cora is thankful to Enactus Canada for the introduction to Scotiabank. Beyond that, she is appreciative of her experience with Enactus Cape Breton, which taught her how to be an effective leader and how to network, two huge contributors to her success.

As a result, she is strengthening the ties between the national charity and its corporate partner. She remains involved with Enactus Canada, attending expositions and leadership retreats representing Scotiabank and recruiting with the Scotiabank’s Staffing and Planning department.

The transition from Enactus student to Scotiabank employee was seamless and Cora could not be happier with her current career path.

“The opportunities with Scotiabank are endless if you show dedication and hard work, which come as common attributes in Enactus students,” explained Cora. “The piece of advice I give most frequently to recent grads is: do not look for a job upon graduation, look for a career.”

And that is exactly what you get when you join the Scotiabank team.