CigBinsBecause socially conscious, entrepreneurial leaders can change the world, Enactus Canada created a campaign to inspire individuals to #makechange in their communities.

Since Enactus Canada was founded in 1987, its students from universities & colleges all across Canada have proven countless times that it doesn’t take politicians or rebels in order to make change; all it takes are courageous and committed people.

This year alone its 2,659 students on 67 campuses lifted more than 5,000 people out of poverty, diverted more than 62,600kg of waste from landfills and helped 1,025 find employment through 288 community development projects.

During #EnactusWeek (November 23-27), Enactus Canada is challenging every Canadians to think of one single act (no matter big or small) that they can do to make their community a better place. Then take a picture or a video of themselves in action and post it to their favorite social media channel with the #MakeChange hashtag.

AshleyThe Enactus National Office and Enactus teams across Canada will host events and lead the #MakeChange social media campaign demonstrating the work they are doing in their community. But we’re calling on every Canadian to make a positive change in their home, workplace or community, and therefore make Canada an even better place to live, work and play.

Organize a community cleanup. Become a literacy tutor. Start a food drive in your office. Donate to your favourite charity.

No matter how big or small your action, you can make your community – and your world! – a better place, one simple act as a time.

Join the movement. #MakeChange


Jody Lundrigan
Director, Communications
Enactus Canada