PictureIn February of 2015, Wael Salem applied for an onsite interview with a talent acquisition manager for Enterprise Holdings at the Enactus Canada Regional Exposition in Atlantic Canada. What he did not know was that his interview would help him land a full time Accounting Internship in May of 2015.

Wael is an active member of the Enactus Saint Mary’s University team. His Enactus experience has taught him to think outside of the box, ultimately developing a better mindset when it comes to looking at ways to be more efficient while increasing productivity.

Wael has taken his experience with him to his internship at Enterprise where, as part of his accounting internship, he generates reports to help branches achieve certain goals and targets, handles bank reconciliations, provides reporting for senior management on various compliance related items and much more. What Wael enjoys most about his internship at Enterprise is the research and critical thinking needed to perform his responsibilities.

Despite being a little daunted by his responsibilities as an accounting intern when he started with Enterprise, Wael remarks, “I have never felt as welcomed as I did when I started with Enterprise.”

“My colleagues made me feel like part of the team as early as my first week at work,” Wael remembers. “I would also add that the positive attitude of Enterprise employees makes work enjoyable and helps everyone achieve more in less amount of time!”

When asked what advice he would give to his fellow Enactus students, Wael immediately advised, “Join Enactus, invest your time in helping others and look at the bigger picture rather than only short-term rewards.”

Wael’s final words, “I am greatly honored to be a part of both Enactus and Enterprise Holdings. I would like to thank both entities for providing me with such great opportunities – whether it be going to Toronto to compete with other Enactus teams, or being selected to look over an audit engagement!”