Why do we get involved with Enactus?

Sometimes it is to meet new friends. Sometimes it is to get a great job. But, once we are in, it always becomes about the community.

Enactus Canada is a community, in and of itself, with student, business and academic leaders coming together to enable progress. The truly beautiful part about our community members is how we help each other.

As a member of this community, you have access to an incredible network with an endless wealth of knowledge. Take advantage. You may never find yourself in such a situation again.

Just remember, it is always about what you can do for your community. That said, it is also important to think about what your community can do for you.

How can Group A encourage team recruitment? How can Group B increase the impact of our project?

Here are a few community partners you want to engage to move your team and your projects forward:

  • Media – Every team needs a media relations person assigned to build profile and awareness of Enactus in the larger community. Remember, when you hoist the Tim Horton’s Cup you want someone ready to shout that news from the rooftops (or at least have your local paper’s number close at hand).
  • Local Business Leaders – An active business advisory board is crucial to team – and project – success. The experience and knowledge (and maybe access to a little cash) that local business leaders bring to your team and project can help you clear hurdles you didn’t even know existed.
  • Community Partners – Collaboration is the key to success in business and in life. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Grab a community partner instead. Does your project work with vulnerable women? Call up your local shelter or women’s support group and ask them about needed sensitivities and potential liabilities as well as their community partners and funding sources.

At the end of the day, your local community is filled with fabulous people with whom you could share your story – so get out there!

Ask someone out for a coffee. Host a showcase prior to the Enactus Canada National Exposition. The support you receive in return, is well worth the effort.