Enactus Canada and HSBC Bank Canada is looking for outstanding female leaders within the Enactus network across Canada.

If you are (or know) a female leader in the Enactus community, apply for the HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow Award today!

What is the purpose of this award?

Pioneered in partnership with HSBC Bank Canada, the HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow Award is designed to recognize, celebrate and honour female Enactus students who exemplify success and inspire their peers, community and country through entrepreneurial leadership.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be:

  • Female
  • Actively enrolled in the Enactus program
  • Attending 2013 Enactus Regional and National Expositions

(Note: Multiple applications from Enactus teams are welcomed and encouraged.)

How will the applicants be evaluated?

Successful applicants will demonstrate the following:

  • Vision and leadership
  • Use of business concepts to improve the quality of life and standard of living of others
  • Ability to serve as a role model and inspire others

What are the benefits for those who apply?

Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • Top 50 award applicants will be invited to attend the exclusive HSBC Women’s Leadership Forum held at the 2013 National Exposition (See past Top to Future Top Women’s™ Forums)
  • Top two applicants per region will receive the “2013 HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow” Award presented on the main stage at the 2013 Regional Expositions
  • Out of the six regional applicants, the top applicant will be named the national winner and receive the “2013 HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow” Award presented on the main stage at the 2013 National Exposition
  • National Award recipient will also receive a $2,500 project grant to be used by their Enactus team in the development and delivery of an initiative focused on the advancement of women in their community

(Note: Distribution of grant is subject to project plan approval by the ACE National Office.)

What is the application process?

This year, we have changed the application process to a video-based interview process from a written submission.

This interview application process was created by KIRA Talent, a company co-founded by last year’s HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow, Emilie Cushman.

Eligible and interested candidates should complete an online interview application by 5PM EST on Friday, February 15th, 2013. Only complete applications will be considered.

Apply through the online interview today.

What are the interview questions?

  • Tell me about your position on your Enactus team.
  • How have you used your Enactus experience to improve the quality of life and standard of living in your community?
  • What leadership experience have you gained outside of Enactus?
  • What makes you a Woman Leader of Tomorrow?
  • What female leader inspires you, and why?
  • What topics unique to female leaders would you recommend be addressed at the 2013 HSBC Women’s Leadership Forum?
  • What impact has the Enactus program had on your life?
  • Share your thanks to HSBC Bank Canada!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Program Manager. Good luck!