Jordan at 2013 Calgary ExpoSteve Jobs had two rules for success: love what you do and build a great team around you.

Love what you do. Check. We’re Enactus after all. We’re creating a better, more sustainable world.

The next step is building a strong and engaged Enactus team on every campus by developing student leaders and ensuring their success.

How do we recruit and develop great Enactus student leaders?

  • Build enthusiasm for Enactus on campus – Teams who engage the larger campus community through events, newspaper articles, and public relations are better able to recruit new members and attract the best and brightest
  • Clearly structure leadership positions – Team members with well-defined roles are more engaged and accountable because it is perfectly (and publicly) clear the buck stops with them; they are empowered by responsibility
  • Engage team members in ALL Enactus activities – Enactus has something for everyone; encourage team members to utilize their various skills by presenting at Regional and National Expositions, developing your team’s marketing strategy or starting their career by taking advantage of the various career opportunities through the National Office

Focusing on the success of your team members improves their individuals skills but also motivates them to work harder as part of the team.

Remember, when individuals succeed, the whole team succeeds – and vice versa.