As an Enactus student, you spend a lot of time working on your entrepreneurial skills. But did you know that you can also use those skills in the corporate space? One example of this is how Mark Willms, Enactus alumnus from Okanagan College, has been able to combine his passion for entrepreneurship and finance in his role at BDC as a Senior Account Manager. In this role, Mark has the opportunity to support the success of Canadian entrepreneurs every day. We reached out to Mark to find out his perspective on how his entrepreneurial spirit is being put to good use in the financial sector, and how Enactus has helped him to get to where he is today.

Enactus Canada: How did you find out about the position at BDC, and what was your interview experience?

Mark: I worked for BDC as a summer student while finishing my degree, so I learned more about the organization and the value BDC can bring to entrepreneurs. The introduction to BDC and this role was due to networking at college social events. The interview process started with me writing a short exam on my business acumen and financial literacy. They were primarily looking for an individual that had a natural curiosity and passion for entrepreneurship. The value of your business network can never be undervalued as the role is based on business development.

Enactus Canada: Can you tell us more about your position, and what your days typically look like at BDC?

Mark: My position as an Account Manager can be different depending on the week. I normally spend the better part of the morning responding to new or existing client inquires on financing or consulting needs. During the afternoon, I spend time both meeting with new or potential clients and discussing how BDC might be able to help in their growth plans; this is my favorite part of the job as you can visit entrepreneurs at their place of business and really see how their business operates.

Enactus Canada: What do you enjoy most about the position?

Mark: Without a doubt, it is working with the entrepreneurs and helping them grow their business.

Enactus Canada: How does the position compare to your initial expectations?

Mark:  The great thing about the role is you can make it what you want. You still have annual budgets and targets that you must meet, but you have the autonomy to grow and develop your personal skills.

Enactus Canada: How did your participation in Enactus help prepare you for the requirements of this role?

Mark: Enactus helped in so many ways! I think my involvement in Enactus mainly helped with my career and personal development. If I was to pick one thing, I would have to say it allows you to learn tangible business skills which is hard to learn in a classroom.  You learn how to plan, execute and measure results which are all fundamental skills in business!

Enactus Canada: Do you have any words of advice for current Enactus students looking to start their careers?

Mark: Take advantage of the time you have as a student, and the resources available to you right now to grow your business network. You are making contacts for life!