If you’re looking for a job, Enactus Canada’s National Exposition is a great place to start. Just ask Hannah Stegen, an Enactus Canada alumna who launched her career through a connection made at the 2016 National Exposition. Hannah took advantage of the Networking opportunities at the event and landed herself a job as a Business Analyst at one of Enactus Canada’s partner companies, Capital One Canada. We asked her to tell us the story of how she got her job, what it’s like working at Capital One, and how her Enactus experience has helped her excel in her career.

Enactus Canada: How did you find out about this position?

Hannah:  Through the networking opportunities with Enactus, I was very fortunate to meet Shane Holdaway, the President of Capital One Canada, at the National Exposition in May 2016. We chatted about how Capital One is a data driven company and how I had a background with skills that fit well with their values. After the Exposition, I went to the Capital One Canada headquarters for the day and talked with several associates in different fields to see if there was a position that I was interested in applying for, which in turn was narrowed down to Data Scientist or Business Analyst. After speaking with Shane and several associates, I knew this would be a great fit for me so I applied.

Enactus Canada: That’s great! So what is it like working at Capital One?

Hannah: Capital One is a financial technology company that allows us to be very innovative, so I get to use my entrepreneurial skills. Even though there are over 1100 associates working for the company in Canada, it sometimes feels like you are working at a startup. We work in a very collaborative and casual space where you are encouraged to be comfortable – there’s nothing like seeing VP’s wearing Converse and superhero t-shirts to make you feel right at home.

Enactus Canada: How did your Enactus experience help prepare you for your job?

Hannah: As I mentioned earlier, Capital One is a very innovative company looking to positively make an impact in banking. This aligns very close with what my goals were as a member of Enactus. I wanted to positively make an impact in my community through social entrepreneurship. Through Enactus, I learned to think outside the box. Participating on a volunteer team with limited funds – while still trying to make a major impact – forced us to get creative! Enactus teaches you to be fearless in all aspects – from reaching out and networking at events, presenting at an Enactus Exposition, or confidently sitting in a room with major company executives and making a great impression. These are all skills I learned through Enactus that are major requirements to being successful in my role today. 

Enactus Canada: Ok last question – do you have any advice for current Enactus students who are looking to start their careers?

Hannah: Take advantage of everything Enactus Canada has to offer. There are great career services, networking events, and people to connect with from around the world. If you see a potential employer, be sure to introduce yourself, grab their business card, and then follow up. When you’re in the interview phase, sell your Enactus experiences! Enactus is perfect for situational interviews. Name a time when you were in a leadership position, a conflict, or a stressful situation. These are all questions that I guarantee can be answered by your involvement in Enactus. Take advantage of your knowledge and set no limits. Learn from every mistake, and most importantly, be a social leader.