Laura PictureLaura Chau, a recent graduate from Queen’s University, was first introduced to Walmart Canada Corp. at an on campus information session. Her interest in Walmart was initially sparked from learning about their Developing Accelerated Retail Experience (DARE) program.

Since finishing the DARE program, Laura is now a full-time Merchandise Planner at Walmart Canada Corp., where she acts as a liaison between cross-functional teams to manage in-season sales, inventory and markdowns of a ladies apparel category. In addition, she provides pre-season analyses to support and develop category strategy with respect to product selection, quantification, and store allocation.

The biggest skill set Laura brought to the role, which she built through her Enactus experience, was her presentation skills. Having presented several times to various audiences through the DARE program and in her current role, her ability to read the audience has allowed her to adapt and tailor her communication style effectively.

“It is not as easy as just preparing a deck and reading it back to them,” Laura said. “You have to find ways to get everyone engaged.”

And Laura herself is very engaged in her role at Walmart. What she enjoys most about her position is being able to see her hard work come to life.

“In university, we spend countless hours in lectures or doing readings that help you theorize and strategize how to effectively run a business,” she said. “As someone who likes to see it to believe it, it is truly gratifying to not only help build the category strategy, but then be able to go to a local Walmart store and see it all come to life.”

Her advice to current Enactus students, who are about to start their careers, is to be aware of the things that give you the most fulfillment, and do not compromise on them.