Written by Dianne Hunnam-Jones, Canadian president of Accountemps

As a student or recent grad, the success of your job search depends on your ability to effectively articulate how your experiences in and out of school translate to the business world. Crafting a strong personal pitch that briefly touches on your skills, interests, and goals is essential. So, where do you start?

Highlight transferrable skills. Have you ever had to coordinate a work group or write out an assignment proposal? Maybe you’ve got experience presenting in class? Express how you’ve leveraged strengths such as the ability to communicate or collaborate to be successful in a project you’re passionate about.

Touch on your volunteer involvement. Being active in your community, especially through groups like Enactus, demonstrates initiative and a willingness to go beyond the call of your daily duties. Volunteer work also speaks to what interests you on a more personal level, so don’t forget to mention how it contributes to your long-term career goals and aspirations.

Be enthusiastic.  In a recent survey, Canadian CFOs cited energy and enthusiasm as one of the top reasons they’re recruiting more recent grads and entry-level professionals. Employers are looking for candidates who are genuine and passionate.  Enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. Employers are looking to build teams with people who are energetic and motivated – make it clear that’s you.

If you’re skilled, capable and excited, that goes a long way with employers. A great personal pitch will make it obvious that you communicate well and have a lot to offer. Show that, beyond having the talent and personality fit for the role, you’ve got the desire to learn, grow and contribute to the overall success of the organization.