“Hey everyone! My name is Arthanaa Ganendran (you can call me Arthy) and I am one of the new Program Managers for Central Canada! My journey with Enactus Ryerson has led me down an incredible path where I have discovered new passions and aspirations and I am excited to work with all of you to discover yours. Looking forward to this upcoming year and I can’t wait to see the amazing impact you will be creating.”

We asked Arthanaa some rapid-fire questions to get to know her a little better! Here’s what she said: ⬇️

What is your go-to comfort tv show or movie?

  • Modern Family!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

  • You learn more from your mistakes than your accomplishments!

What’s your go-to hobby?

  • Painting!

What was your childhood nickname?

  • Arthy!

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

  • That would be a big NO!

Do you fold your pizza when you eat it?

  • Nope!

Is cereal considered a soup?

  • Saying cereal is a soup does not sound right…Nope!

Most-used app on your phone?

  • Instagram


This or That

  • Spotify or Apple Music? – Spotify
  • Instagram or Tik Tok? – Instagram
  • Winter or Summer? – Summer
  • Coffee or Tea? – This is hard… but if I HAD to pick, I guess tea
  • Space or the Ocean? – Space
  • Concert or Sporting Event? – Sports Events
  • Dogs or Cats? – Dogs! I’m allergic to cats