Muhammad Yasir AhmedIt was a normal day at Centennial College and I was getting ready for a trip to Bethany, Ontario for a six day conference. I was speaking with a college professor (the Enactus faculty advisor!) who told me there was an upcoming Enactus meeting and I should join as soon as possible.

After returning from my trip, I learned Centennial College was participating in Enactus for the very first time and I became a proud member of the presentation team.

In the beginning there was a lot of stress on me as I came to understand that the competition was going to be very tough. But I realized I had the opportunity to represent my team and my college in front of Canada’s top executives (Enactus judges) who lead some of this country’s most renowned companies.

When the time came to present to the judges I was really excited – and nervous – because the room was so large with a total of more than 100 students and faculty advisors, including our team members and 20 judges.

When I started my presentation the nervousness started to fade and my excitement and passion came through in my presentation. As a member of the Enactus Centennial presentation team, I was proud to present our projects in front of the entire Enactus community.

My advice to new Enactus members is to be proud that you are a part of an amazing global non-profit organization. And when it comes to presenting, just go out and do your best because the memory of that presentation and the experience of that proud moment will be part of you forever.


Thanks to Muhammad Yasir Khan, Enactus Centennial College, for sharing his story. Tell us about your ‘Enactus Beginnings’, by contacting the Enactus Canada Communications Department