In the Community

Enactus Memorial Takes Project Sucseed to Carleton-Victoria County, New Brunswick Thanks to McCain Foods Limited

With the help of McCain Foods Limited and the McCain Social Enterprise Project Partnership, Project Sucseed is travelling over 3000kms from St. John’s, NL to Carleton-Victoria County, New Brunswick. The partnership will help increase food security in rural households that cannot afford or do not have access to fresh produce, in addition to, help residences more easily commit to healthy lifestyle changes with lasting benefits.

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How Well Do People Know You?

Making successful connections doesn’t always have to be a hard thing to do and there are many tools available that can help make it easier. The best part is you’re not alone and networking is both an art and a science at which few of us are born naturals. Some of best places to start building connections is from people within your personal life, previous or current employment, academic studies and professional organizations. It’s not always about what you know, but who you know!

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