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Dressing for Success

Recruitment events and interviews can be an overwhelming experience. You are already familiarizing yourself with potential employers and their backgrounds, carefully selecting the stories that best demonstrate your skills and managing your on-going academic and extra-curicular commitments on top of it all. The last thing you need is to panic just before an event, about what you should be wearing!

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Think of Your Interview As Exciting

If you start treating the interview as one of the most exciting aspects of job hunting, you’ll be able to relax and have a little fun. You may think interviewing is scary but if you have the right approach and bring the right attitude, it can actually be enjoyable to meet new people and find a company you like in the process!

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Tips on How to Rock the Interview

Making it to the interview stage is a feat in itself. It also means something on your resume caught the attention of the hiring manager.

You should be excited that you made it to the next step in the hiring process, yet so many students find themselves anything but calm, cool, and collected before their interview.

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