It’s September. You’re a little busy.

You have classes starting, Enactus is getting up and running, you’re recruiting and doing orientation, you’re learning about projects, you’re thinking about goals for the coming year.

Some of you are even learning about Enactus for the first time. Some of you have just moved out on your own for the first time!

With all that, Enactus Canada wants you to attend Fall Retreats, apply for Project Partnerships, go to World Cup and help them find the next Student Entrepreneur National Champion. And you’re asking yourself, why should I do all these things?

Well here’s why.

Enactus is your professional network. It is your industry association. Like any other professional association the opportunities within it are endless, if you put in the time and effort.

Here are just a few reasons why team – and personal – representation in Enactus activities and initiatives is important:

Learning Best Practices – The entire purpose of a professional association is shared learning.

When teams head to the 2013 World Cup, for example, they will see the best presentations and top Enactus projects in the world, allowing them to improve their own team and local projects.

Open Yourself to Opportunities – We’re all a little selfish. It’s ok. The main reason we participate in a professional association is because it opens up opportunities – personal and professional.

Within Enactus, Project Partnerships are exclusive opportunities for teams to get direct sponsorship for their projects. Beyond direct funding, teams are also developing connections with the biggest, most successful companies in Canada.

Networking – The be all and end all of professional associations is making connections. After all, the world can be a very small place.

The Enactus Canada Fall Retreats are an opportunity for you  to meet your peers in a non-competitive environment and make connections that will last a lifetime. You never know who will be across the boardroom table in 10 years – or two!

Demonstrate Leadership – Professional associations are a place to demonstrate your leadership in your industry. Be collaborative and creative – there are many ways to be leader.

By promoting the Student Entrepreneur National Competition, for example, you are supporting and engaging people in entrepreneurship – even beyond Enactus. This demonstrates an open and collaborative leadership style.

Remember, Enactus expands beyond your school community. It is a national network and a global movement. The only limits to the potential of your participation, are the ones you put upon yourself.