Enactus - Day2 - Low Res-94Have you ever thought of Googling your name to see what comes up?  Is it an article of your recent involvement in Enactus? Or is it a picture from your past that has come back to haunt you?  The results may surprise you!

It is very common these days for recruiters to use social media in order to locate talent for their companies, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter searches. LinkedIn is normally used to find talent while Google, Facebook and Twitter are used to pre-screen the talent found on LinkedIn or from a submitted resume.

Recruiters will find talent on LinkedIn by searching for specific key works such as schools, companies, titles, hard skills, soft skills, etc.  Be sure to take a second look at your LinkedIn profile to ensure you are using keywords that will help you be identified in searches by recruiters.

Financial Literacy - TRU IMG_9286 copyThe pre-screening process done by recruiters is to determine if you are a good fit for their corporate culture, what your communication skills are like, and how you spend your non-work time.  This ultimately helps them decide if you worth inviting for an interview or not.

An important piece to note is no matter what private your settings are, anything you put online is public and can be found by recruiters. Therefore it is important to scan and optimizing your social media when you are job hunting.  In a lot of cases it can make or break a recruiter’s decision to hire you.

We all knew social media was important to our careers, but did we know it was this important?