Alex Stead
Alex Stead Photography


Alex Stead 1Initially, Alex started with photography as a means for pocket money but very quickly it became much more.

Graduating with top marks in high school at the age of 17, Alex realized her parents were not able to support her financially through her post-secondary education and she was not eligible for student loans. Alex pushed herself to start a sustainable business that would allow her to generate enough funds to go to university.

Using her life savings at the time, Alex bought her own camera. In 2012, she opened a photography studio in Grand Falls-Windsor and further educated herself on the industry by travelling to Seattle to work with a top portrait photographer from Australia.

One year later, Alex became a full time student at Memorial University of Newfoundland while still operating her photography business, which has grown to provide high-end photography services across Newfoundland.

Alex wanted to make memories as well as capture them. After looking through her own family photos, she realized that she had no photos of her and her mom. As a result, to ensure other children would have such mementos, she has offered full days of pro-bono portrait sessions to single moms and their kids.