Anastasia, Winter Girl Enactus Awards.jpgAnastasia knew from an early age that she wanted to be an entrepreneur – it was just a matter of finding the right opportunity. That opportunity came in the form of a frustrating fashion problem.

Anastasia, who has survived many harsh Saskatoon winters, found that she constantly had to choose between her fashionable boots and her warm boots. Having studied modeling and fashion from an early age, she was determined to create a solution where no compromise was necessary.

Anastasia set to work creating half a dozen boot designs – working with manufacturers in China to turn her designs into her dream boots.

Anastasia Szalasznyj 1She soon realized she didn’t have the funds to launch her brand with the diverse line of boots she felt she needed. This major hurdle soon changed into one of the key differentiating factors of her business. Her solution? Creating detachable boot accessories to make a total of nine different looks from a single boot.

In Anastasia’s first year of business, she has gained mass media attention, obtained 5,000 Facebook followers and realized over $20,000 in sales.