faculty sfuAs an Enactus student, you have a number of people and systems in place to help you launch a successful career.

Be sure to tap into this support structure and start talking to people in our community who can be great resources for you!

Faculty Advisors – Beyond project development and team development, faculty advisors can also provide great career advice. Talk to them about your interests and what you think you would like to do. They could have great ideas  – and great connections – to share with you.

Program Managers – Program managers are here to support your team and your projects – but also your career development. They have access to all the latest information on new jobs with our corporate partners and professional development opportunities at all of our events.

Student Success Ambassadors – Each team should have a Student Success Ambassador, who’s role on the team is to create meaningful career connections between you and our prestigious corporate partners. They help you take advantage of career opportunities, internships, workshops, networking events and much more.

Michael at nationalsWould you like to become a Student Success Ambassador? Get on board today! 

Even on an informal basis, developing relationships with these people in your Enactus community can be a source of answers – and solutions when you are facing a challenging situation in your career.

At the very least, the feeling that you have a support network behind you can boost your confidence as you develop your career.