Taryn Greig at 2013 Atlantic Regionals

Before becoming a Staff Accountant Intern at KPMG’s Winnipeg office last summer, Taryn Greig was not sure what to expect from a career in accounting.

Through her internship with Enactus Canada corporate partner, KPMG, Taryn learned a lot about herself and developed many skills that she will apply throughout her career – and who can ask for more from a single internship and a single summer.

The work was challenging but as Taryn would say, “that’s what makes it rewarding and keeps things interesting!”

As president of Enactus St. Francis Xavier, Taryn was first introduced to KPMG and their Fast Forward leadership conference by the team’s faculty advisor. Already, Enactus was playing a key role in this developing relationship.

Taryn applied to attend the leadership conference in Hollywood, California and was selected as one of the Canadian participants. There she learned about future career opportunities and accepted an internship at KPMG’s office in Winnipeg.

She spent the following summer working in KPMG’s audit practice and participated in the audits of three different companies, across three different industries. As a result, she spent most of her time working with different team members at the different client sites, where the skills she learned with Enactus came in handy.

“Being a member of Enactus has developed my skills as a professional particularly with respect to networking with peers and business leaders,” said Taryn. “More importantly, Enactus has helped me to be a better leader and a better teammate!”

From clients to the team at KPMG, interning was a valuable learning experience in terms of skill development and understanding the importance of a good team and a strong work environment.

Taryn Grieg“I most enjoyed working as part of a team and having the opportunity to interact with KPMG clients,” Taryn reflected. “As many can attest, the people you work with make the experience, and being part of the KPMG team felt like a perfect fit for me.”

In addition, KPMG offers its interns the opportunity to apply and participate in a Global Internship Program. Taryn was selected for this opportunity and spent four weeks of her internship working at KPMG in South Africa’s Johannesburg office.

Taryn is quick to point out the progressive connection KPMG shared with Enactus, which teaches you to overcome challenges and achieve success, as part of something bigger than yourself.

She encourages others in the Enactus community to “keep doing what you’re doing! Your contribution to your Enactus team, whether it seems big or small, is having a meaningful, positive impact on your community and on the lives of others!”

With these shared values in place, Enactus Canada is pleased to note Taryn will begin full time employment with KPMG’s Vancouver office in September 2014.