Shelley Li - Photo

Enactus alumna Shelley Li would not have been nearly as prepared for her role as Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking with HSBC Bank Canada if it wasn’t for the real world experience she gained through Enactus York University.

“I think of myself as a detective,” explains Shelley. “I actively monitor credit risks of the portfolio of SME’s – analyzing peculiar account transactions and detecting changes in financial performance of the businesses. Not knowing what will happen next, like unexpected calls from clients about their business challenges, makes my position interesting and full of new learning!”

From practicing for interviews and online assessments during the hiring process, to tangible business knowledge and entrepreneurship skills, Shelley credits Enactus with helping her prepare for her current role.

“Business acumen aside, the main qualifications for this role are leadership, communication and relationship building – all skills I developed as President of Enactus, York University. To me, Enactus was the precursor to my current job in commercial banking.”

Since landing the job with HSBC Bank Canada in May 2015, Shelley continues to champion Enactus and applauds every student who participates in the program. She also recognizes the hard work it takes to be successful and encourages Enactus students to persevere especially now that she can see the fruits of her own labour.

“Sometimes you may not see the immediate impact of your actions or you may even be confused as to the purpose, but if it’s a cause you truly believe in, never give up,” she says. “If I had not been involved in Enactus, I definitely would not have learned how to juggle multiple obligations, and remain calm in spite of time crunches.”

These are skills Shelley now uses every day in her job at HSBC Bank Canada, and she’s prepared – thanks to Enactus.