Simon Fraser UniversityPardon the terrible (even if hilarious) headline, but it speaks truth.

Having great interpersonal skills can mean being a selfless team member but when it comes to an interview you have to sell that as a valuable skill to employers.

One of the most often cited skills companies are looking for nowadays is ‘Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills’ and, as an Enactus student or alumni, you’ve got them!

Employers want to know that you can manage and build good relationships, work in teams and even teach others.

Don’t forget, the workplace is always flooded with different personalities, a variety of working styles as well as people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, which makes having exceptional interpersonal skills extremely important these days.

Brandon UniversityYour experiences as a Enactus student have definitely enhanced this skill! Working and networking with other students, business associates, entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders forces you to use and develop this skill constantly.

It’s not always just about personalities and backgrounds though, generational differences also exist and do have the potential to impact your relationships with others in the workplace. These differences can be seen in values, ideas and even in the way things get done in the organization. With multiple generations working side by side it’s important for great employees to be capable of working with others despite their differences.

So sell yourself through your Enactus experience. Show employers that Enactus is all about teams and communities – and so are you!