Enactus Canada is hosting an exclusive, Live Chat with recruiters across Canada on Thursday, October 24th at 2:00 pm EST.

Recruiters, Enactus alumni and fellow students come together to discuss the transition from school to work and how you can market your Enactus experience with employers.

This is your opportunity to engage directly with companies who appreciate the specialty skills of Enactus students and want to hire you.

Quick Tips

  • Remember to be professional; even though this is an online discussion, you will be speaking with potential employers so make a great first impression (you may meet them at the next Regional or National Exposition)
  • Be sure to check your inbox (and spam folder, just in case) for an event reminder email from ScribbleLive; there will be a link in the email that takes you directly to the live chat.
  • Think carefully before logging in to the live chat with your Facebook or Twitter account – is your profile picture or Tweets suitable for a recruiter to see?
  • Preparing your questions and comments beforehand will allow you to focus on the discussion and interact with others instead of trying to figure out what you want to say
  • If you’re interested in the company or a specific opportunity, follow up with the recruiter for more information; sending a thank you email or message on LinkedIn to recognize their participation in the live chat is recommended
  • Staying in touch is important – they may not have a job for you right now but they may have the perfect opportunity for you in the future (Do not spam their inbox! Instead, email them once a month just to keep in touch.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the Live Chat: Transitioning From School to Work?

A: You can the Live Chat on the Enactus Canada webpage or the Enactus Canada Facebook Fan Page


Q: How do I log in to the Live Chat?

A: There are two options for logging in to the Live Chat.


1. Create a display name, it is easy! Click on the “display name” field to create a display name using the following format:

First name, Enactus team name, location (e.g. Ashley, Enactus Ryerson, Toronto)

ScribbleLive Log In Screen Shot

2. Click the appropriate button to log in to your Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google+ or Hotmail account

ScribbleLive Log In With Accounts Screen Shot


Q: What happens when I log in using Twitter?

A: When you login in using Twitter, your comments in the Live Chat will be published to your Twitter followers as a Tweet. Also, your avatar on Twitter will appear in the Live Chat.


Q: What happens when I log in using Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail?

A: When you login in using any social media platform, your avatar from that platform will appear in the Live Chat.


Q: How do I post a comment to the Live Chat?

A: To post a comment, simply type your comment in the comment box at the top of the chat and click the “Comment” button on the right hand side.

ScribbleLive Comment Screen Shot

Q: How do I respond to a comment from another user in the Live Chat?

A: Participants can respond to a comment from another user by indicating the user name (Ex: Ashley, Enactus Ryerson) within their own comment. Enactus Canada will group comments before posting the Live Chat summary.


Q: I can’t see my comment, what happened?

A: Each comment will be reviewed by Enactus Canada before it is posted. Sit tight, your comment is in queue!

ScribbleLive Comments in Moderation Screen Shot


If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Martin, Manager, Talent Development and Engagement, at ashley@enactus.ca or at 1.800.766.8169 ext. 225.