TylerTyler Baird graduated in 2013 from Ryerson University with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Entrepreneurship, but left with so much more than just a degree.  As the founder of the Dago Beekeepers Association, one part of Enactus Ryerson’s Project Dago, Tyler left with the skills needed to build a successful career.

To begin this journey, Tyler attended an Enactus Careers information session on the job opportunities Scotiabank had to offer, and it immediately sparked his interest.  After two months of online tests, interviews and the submission of a business plan, Tyler landed the full time job of a Small Business Advisor at Scotiabank.

Some of his daily duties include managing relationships between high value business owners, acquiring new small business owner relationships and helping them expand as well as overseeing credit portfolios to ensure they maintain an acceptable level of risk.

“Enactus gave me the ability to relate to the challenges of running a business”, says Tyler.

Now through his work at Scotiabank, Tyler is supporting new business owners in Canada and helping entrepreneurs succeed, and this is what he enjoys most about his position. In addition, Tyler believes that “Scotiabank has a great culture and a strong vision.”

Looking back on his path from student to Small Business Advisor, Tyler’s advice to Enactus students is, ‘make mistakes!’

“I was fortunate enough to have a lot of wins in Enactus,” says Tyler.  “But those wins would have never been realized if I hadn’t lost and learned from my mistakes.”

This entrepreneurial attitude was honed during Tyler’s time at Enactus and the Scotiabank-Enactus Canada relationship turned that experience into another big win – a very promising career.


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