Building and updating your resume is not an easy task. What do you include? What should you leave out? What will push your resume to the top of the pile?

The answer is often in the basics. Here are a few simple, but extremely important, tips to remember when updating your resume.

  • Always Be Honest – All the information on your resume must be accurate and you should be able to demonstrate how you acquired all of the skills and experience you have noted. You should emphasize your experience with strong, positive language, however, honesty and accuracy are of the utmost importance.
  • Check for Typos – Incorrect spelling or grammar makes it easy for an employer to reject you as a candidate, particularly if there is strong competition for a job. Errors give the impression of laziness and a lack of attention to detail so always review your resume thoroughly and ask someone you trust to read it over.
  • Format Consistently – Ensure you are using the same font, font size, page margins, etc. throughout your resume. Carefully review each bullet point and line space, making sure everything is consistent and aligned.
  • Use Clear Language – While using relevant complex terms and language suited to a specific sector is completely acceptable, make sure your resume is easy to read. Provide a full description of abbreviations and acronyms that may not be widely known and use straightforward, common language to avoid confusing the reader.
  • Show Enthusiasm– An enthusiastic approach portrays you as a person who is not only interested in the role but also committed to performing to the best of their abilities. Your resume should reflect your interest and motivation for the job as well as your skills and experience.

Following these tips will result in a great resume, a key step into launching or building your career.

Remember, your resume is the first point of contact with a potential employer. You want to make a great impression!