Any hockey fan (or at least any Maple Leaf fan) can explain the frustration of sitting on the edge of your seat in the dying seconds of a powerplay, watching your team pass the puck back and forth, back and forth, as you yell as the screen, ‘You gotta shoot to score!’

This lesson can be applied to Enactus as well. You have to set goals if you want to achieve success.

To that end, the team at Enactus Canada has implemented a performance management tool called Goal Setting and Review (GS&R).

Working with Enactus Program Managers, Team Presidents and Faculty Advisors will set performance goals for the year in August and early September that are important to a specific team.

Once these goals are set, the President, Faculty Advisor and Program Manager will schedule monthly update calls to review progress and adjust accordingly.

This process will allow both the team and Program Managers to address challenges as they come up. But it will also allow them to capitalize on great opportunities should they arise. Remember, one success usually leads to another.

So whether you are setting team goals or personal goals, here are some key tips:

1. Start with a clear goal (Ask for help and advice from people around you in setting those goals.)

2. As time passes, check back with yourself or with your team at regular, scheduled intervals to ask if you are still on track (If not, look for the point where you went off your path and readjust. If you are on track, ask can you do more.)

3. Be aware of challenges and don’t beat yourself up if they distract you for a while; just bring your focus back to your goal

4. Look for opportunities (Who can help you? What tools, processes or partners can you adopt or engage?)

5. Celebrate and build on even the smallest successes; they are the necessary steps to achieve your final goal

Now, get out there and go for it!