The Enactus Canada National Exposition provides a forum for Enactus teams to present the results of their community empowerment projects.

Through rounds of live presentation-based competition, students showcase how their community empowerment projects are shaping the economic, social and environmental landscape of Canada.

Business leaders serving as judges evaluate the teams’ projects and determine the National Champion, who moves on to represent Canada at the prestigious Enactus World Cup.

Here is the final round presentation from the 2023 Enactus Canada National Champions, Wilfrid Laurier University:


Each competing team is required to schedule a pre-screening session with their Program Manager and submit the following reports in order to compete.

Annual Report

Each team’s Annual Report must be typed in a legible font-size and should provide an overview of the team’s efforts, results and achievements. It may also include information on future plans for growth and expansion. Annual Reports are limited to the dimensions noted below, but can be bound or folded in any manner:

  • Four single sheets of 8 1⁄2” X 11” or A4 size paper with print only on one side of each sheet.
  • Two single sheets of 8 1⁄2” X 11” or A4 size paper with print on both sides of each sheet.
  • One sheet of 11” X 17” or A3 size paper with print on both sides.

 Please Note: Using one of the dimensions above but cutting the paper in a manner which causes a change in the size is NOT permitted.

Important points regarding the annual report:

  • Enactus Canada requires the legal structure and ownership of all projects mentioned during a competition be disclosed on the team’s annual report if the project is not entirely owned and controlled by the team. For example, if the project is legally registered under a student’s name, that fact must be disclosed.
  • If a team uses a cover or back page, it will count as one of the above pages.
  • Teams should not use folders, report covers, etc. in conjunction with their Annual Reports.
  • All information included in your report must match the records onteam.enactus.ca. If your numbers change from Final Reporting after the deadline, please contact your Program Manager to update your metrics.
  • Annual Reports are distributed to every judge during the setup period. Teams will be notified in advance of the number of Annual Reports they are required to bring to the National Exposition.
  • One (1) copy of your Annual Report must be handed in at the registration desk upon arrival at the Enactus Canada Exposition. A digital copy of the report must be emailed to your Program Manager and approved prior to the event.

Below are some examples of Annual Reports:

Project Verification Form

Every team must request that their Faculty Advisor, Student Leader and one administrator (e.g. dean, department chair or institution president) review their Annual Report and sign the Project Verification Form.

  • If a team’s Faculty Advisor is also an administrator, the form must be signed by another administrator.
  • The Project Verification Form serves as just one part of an internal audit of projects and activities at all levels of competition.
  • You can find the most up-to-date project verification form here.

Live Presentation

Each competing team will have a 20-minute time block for their live presentation. The League Coordinator will keep the official time. After the League Coordinator has formally introduced the team, the time will be precisely divided as outlined below.

  • 3 minutes – Set-up Period
  • 12 minutes – Live Presentation
    • If your presentation is less than 12 minutes, the remaining time will NOT be carried over to your Question-and-Answer period.
  • 5 minutes – Judges’ Question & Answer Period

National Competition Judging Criteria | Printable Version

Further details on the National Competition, live presentations, and competition policies can be found in the Enactus Canada Team Manual on our Team Resources page.