Brett Sheffield
Sheffield Farms, Stay Fit Health Club


To call Brett Sheffield a multi-tasker is an understatement.

Brett is a third year student who owns and operates not one, but two businesses in addition to full-time school, where he maintains honour roll status.

These achievements won him the title of Enactus Canada’s 2012 Student Entrepreneur National Champion.

Enrolling in the agriculture program at the University of Manitoba, Brett’s goal was to build the family farm. Four years ago, the farm had 160 acres. Since then, Brett has grown it to 1,700 acres, leveraging new technologies and the advice of mentors to ensure success.

As if that was not enough, he decided to buy Stay Fit Health Club, a struggling local gym and tanning salon that was going to close; he felt it played an important role in the community. Brett quickly brought the gym into the black and has plans to expand to other rural areas in Manitoba.

Not only has his operation grown in size, but in profitability as well. Net income has been steadily increasing by 50 to 100% each year, and his businesses are now netting well over six figures annually.

Brett was recognized as the 2012 Student Entrepreneur National Champion and earned the right to represent Canada at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in New York City, where he placed 3rd worldwide.