Memorial University of Newfoundland team to represent Canada at Enactus World Cup in China

CALGARY, AB (April 30, 2014) – Memorial University of Newfoundland has been named the 2014 Enactus National Champion by this country’s largest student leadership development organization, Enactus Canada, and a 53 person judging panel comprised of top Canadian CEOs, for their ability to enable social, environmental and economic progress through entrepreneurial action.

The team from Memorial University took home the Tim Hortons Cup in recognition of the impact made at home and abroad through a variety of projects, which are empowering local unemployed and under employed individual as well as disenfranchised Haitians with disabilities.

“The Enactus program aligns well with Tim Hortons commitment to promote Making a True Difference in communities across Canada,” says David Clanachan, Chief Operating Officer, Tim Hortons. “It is inspiring to see the next generation of Canadian leaders taking a holistic approach to making a difference in the lives of people in their local communities.”

Enactus Memorial stood victorious by creating Project Bottlepreneur, an entrepreneurial recycling pick-up business, which increased the daily income of 12 disenfranchised bottle collectors from four dollars to $20 per hour, provided recycling services to over 1,700 households and recycled almost 1.2 million bottles and cans last year alone

The team was also recognized for developing a rehabilitation sewing program for Haitians with physical disabilities called Project Stitch, which employed 11 sewers, generated $4,856 in revenue and allowed project participants to earn wages five times the average daily income in Haiti.

“The Enactus Memorial team greatly improved the quality of life for individuals by creating and implementing innovative and forward-thinking community projects at home and abroad,” said Nicole Almond, Enactus Canada president. “We are eager to see Memorial compete and represent Canada at the Enactus World Cup.”

The National Champion team will take home the Tim Hortons Cup and advance to represent Canada at the Enactus World Cup taking place in China in the fall of this year.

More than 1,200 delegates including the country’s brightest university and college students, academic professionals and top business leaders witnessed the crowning of the National Champion at the 2014 Enactus Canada National Exposition held in Calgary.


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