Enactus - Day2 - Low Res-17Each day, recruiters look at hundreds of resumes, the majority of which are thrown out.

How do you ensure that your resume stays in the keep pile and does not find its way into the toss pile? Well, it is simple: attention to detail.

Here is a list of things to consider when reviewing your resume:


The number one way to get your resume thrown out is spelling errors. Make sure to double, triple check for spelling errors and remember that your spell check does not always catch everything. If you cannot be bothered to check for spelling errors, then a recruiter cannot be bother to call you for an interview.

White Space

Do not leave too much empty or “white” space on your resume. Recruiters could see excessive whitespace as being lazy and not knowing how to properly manage the space. Definitely look at the fluff you can take out, but ensure that you are including quality content and not simply listing job titles. Also, look at ways to format your resume to minimize the white space.


By submitting a resume and applying for a position you are already telling the recruiter that your objective it to seek employment with them. Therefore, there is no need to add an objective to your resume. Specific details on what position you are applying for and why you are a qualified candidate should be saved for the cover letter.

Basic Terms

You do not want the recruiter to have to use google to understand what is on your resume, but you also do not want to use overly basic terms that they are not impressive. For example, having a list of the relevant courses you have taken does not resonate with a recruiter unless they themselves have taken the same course at the same school. Try writing something more tangible like what you have learnt from the courses you have taken.

Lack of Information

A resume is all about quality, not quantity. Try not to fill your resume with fluff, but rather properly explain your previous experience. For example, just stating a job title is not sufficient enough, you should be giving two to three detailed points per job title to give the recruiter an idea of what you were responsible for and what you accomplished.

Just remember that recruiters are looking for a reason to throw your resume out, not a reason to keep it. So pay close attention to detail!