When it comes to starting your career, a big part is who you know. Whether in person or online, building your social network as a student goes a long way in your post-graduate career search. Mark O’Keefe, an Enactus alumnus from Memorial University of Newfoundland, employed several techniques to launch his career including reaching out and networking with friends, creating a top-notch LinkedIn profile, and using the skills he acquired through Enactus to help launch his career at Enterprise. We connected with Mark to learn more about working at Enterprise, and how Enactus played a role in his career journey.

Enactus Canada: How did you find out about this position with Enterprise?

Mark: One of my good friends who was already working at Enterprise referred me and recommended they checkout my LinkedIn profile. Soon enough, Enterprise was reaching out to me.

Enactus Canada: What was your interview process like at Enterprise?

Mark: Enterprise has a very extensive interviewing and onboarding process. The interviews are focused on a person’s skills and experience – they want to ensure you have transferable skills to succeed in the program. I drew a lot from my Enactus experiences during the interviews, as it demonstrated my capabilities and driven personality.

Enactus Canada: What makes working for Enterprise different than working at other organizations?

Mark: It is very refreshing to work in a place that promotes from within. It creates a competitive work environment, which for an athletic person like myself, helps to bring the best out of me. The company also recognizes its role as a committed corporate citizen, investing in making the business and world a better place.

Enactus Canada: How did your participation in Enactus help prepare you for this role?

Mark: Enactus allowed me to work on many applicable skills for my job, as well as general life skills. For example, Enactus helped me practice public speaking, networking and teamwork. Enactus also opened my eyes to the fact that everyone has a responsibility and duty to help create a sustainable future for all.

Enactus Canada: Do you have any advice for current Enactus students looking to start their careers?

Mark: Make sure to continue to focus on your personal development and the skills Enactus helped you develop. Put those skills to use, and never lose sight of the impact you can make on your community.