(TORONTO, ON) April 1, 2024: Three post-secondary students who manage both a full-time course load and a business have been selected to pitch their businesses for a chance to win $10,000 through the Student Entrepreneur National Competition. Finalists will compete at the 2024 Enactus Canada National Exposition, from May 14-16, 2023. 

The three finalists are:  

Mann Parikh – Student at McMaster University and owner NerView Surgical Inc. 

  • NerView Surgical is a startup that aims to reduce unintentional nerve damage during surgery, a common problem that can have devastating consequences for patients. Their patent-pending technology employs intelligent optical imaging and computer vision for non-invasive nerve visualization to help surgeons identify and protect critical nerves and improve patient outcomes. 

Mohammad Alikarami – Student at the University of Calgary and owner of BioOilSolv 

  • BioOilSolv produces carbon-negative solvents and char from residual agricultural and forestry biomass through a patent-pending thermo-catalytic process. 

Shreyansh Anand – Student at Queen’s University and owner of WaiveTheWait Inc 

  • WaiveTheWait is a company dedicated to automating routine administrative tasks at medical clinics in order to increase efficiency. We provide a suite of products that automate multi-step follow-ups, patient check-ins, document sending & fax labeling; each service individually saves dozens of staff hours every week. 



ABOUT THE STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR NATIONAL COMPETITION: To celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of young Canadians, Enactus Canada runs the Student Entrepreneur National Competition. A competition designed to enhance the success of full-time students operating businesses, creating jobs and furthering investments in our economic future. Every year, student entrepreneurs present their businesses to panels of Canada’s industry leaders in national competitions in order to be named Enactus Canada’s Student Entrepreneur National Champion.    

ABOUT ENACTUS CANADA: Enactus Canada, a national charity and the country’s largest post-secondary experiential learning platform, is shaping entrepreneurial leaders who are passionate about advancing the economic, social, and environmental health of Canada. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, more than 1,600 post-secondary students led 166 community empowerment projects and business ventures last year in communities coast to coast, directly impacting over 42,000 lives.  

As a global network of 33 countries, Enactus uses the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. For more information, visit enactus.ca.                                                              

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