10317645_10152523962404855_8117088376944989980_oKnowledge is power.

Whether learning from individuals at a networking event, reading the latest news or gaining real life experience, it is important to soak up as much information as possible. It can only serve to help in your job search and career development.


New information is definitely a benefit of networking. Soak up all the information presented to you at networking events and try to apply what you’ve learned – you never know how this could benefit you in the future! Prepare yourself to share information with people at these events as well.


Keep yourself up to date on developments in your field by subscribing to journals and magazines that will keep you up to date with important changes and new technology. Speaking of technology, be sure to use social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to stay on top of the latest trends.

Real World Experience

IMG_0101Expanding your knowledge base beyond your academics will help you better express your thoughts and opinions as well as inform and assist others in your field.

This is where your Enactus experience comes into play! The more you do on the team, the more information you absorb and the more real world experience you gain.

Remember, networking, research and Enactus work are all things you can do over the summer as well as throughout the entire year. So put your summer to work for you – and it may help put you to work!