Ajmal Sataar
University of Ottawa Alumnus


Ajmal’s passion for entrepreneurship is contagious.

Within minutes of speaking with Ajmal, you can understand why he is co-president of the Enactus team at the University of Ottawa, how he grew it from a team of five visionaries to 90 innovative members in just under a year and that there is no limit to the success this young man will achieve in his lifetime.

When Ajmal was introduced to Enactus, he soon realized two things. First, business did not just have to be about money. Second, enterprise could be used to solve the world’s problems. Now armed with what he calls ‘a sense of purpose’, Ajmal has committed himself to social entrepreneurship.

One project he started this year with his Enactus team at the University of Ottawa involved the launch of a truly innovative social enterprise. EcoEquitable Boutique is a clothing store that teaches marginalized immigrant women sewing skills, the details of the clothes manufacturing trade and the business skills needed to manage the boutique or a company of their own.

Ajmal was introduced to Enactus at a stage in his life when he was just beginning to recognize the vast array of problems facing our world. Now, he’s doing something about them.


"Enactus changed everything for me. It is truly the best opportunity to explore yourself and develop the skills, knowledge and ability to change the world."