Alex Maclean
East Coast Lifestyle Clothing Inc.


Alex Maclean is a true visionary but, first and foremost, he is a proud East Coaster. The combination of these two characteristics has resulted in the development of a multi-million dollar business – in under a year.

Alex was sitting in an entrepreneurship class at Acadia University when he was tasked with creating his own original concept. Being passionate about his Nova Scotia homeland as well as an avid sport and clothing enthusiast, Alex decided he would design hoodies with an east coast edge for his friends in the boarding and surfing communities.

His goal was to finish the course and get a good grade by selling 30 hoodies. Things went a little better than planned and in his first year of business over 250,000 products have been sold. Helping boost its popularity, the East Coast Lifestyle
Clothing brand is known to be worn by over 60 international celebrities including Sidney Crosby, Classified, Nathan MacKinnon and Kim Coates.

But Alex’s story doesn’t end with him taking the money and running. He shares his success by giving back through a variety of community outreach programs including local homeless shelters and organizations for children with disabilities in his community.

Humbled by his success, Alex is beyond thankful for the skills, experience and exposure he gained from Enactus, which he calls “the best entrepreneurship program in Canada.”