(TORONTO, ON) May 14, 2024 –  Enactus SAIT was awarded the 2024 PC Financial Resilience Project Accelerator Best Project title at the Enactus Canada National Exposition Opening Ceremony for Project UpSkill. Which has helped ease the burden on communities in Alberta by an average of 12 million a year after their second year. 

Enactus students from SAIT created Project UpSkill, which has created a financial wellness program for those in addictions recovery, and plans to deliver it in 3 parts: 

In-class: A classroom-style delivery as a permanent part of the recovery program’s curriculum. 

Looking Forward: Long-term peer mentorship will be provided during and after the recovery program to bolster community-building and the PWLE support relationship. This will aid in participants reaching specific personalized goals. 

Post-Treatment: Aftercare programming will include access to self-directed online learning resources integrated with the continued peer-mentorship sessions. 

At each stage of programming, data will be captured to measure program success and problem areas and provide the basis for statistical data that can be used for research purposes. Our project hopes to reduce harm in individuals by teaching them the skills they need to succeed after the recovery treatment. Stress, most specifically the stress of financial stability, is one of the major factors in relapse, so we equip our clients with the tools they need to combat this stressor. UpSkill also reduces harm by strengthening community ties with our peer mentorship program. By helping to prevent relapses, we help reduce the burden on the healthcare system, addiction recovery networks, and local social services.

“Congratulations to the Enactus SAIT team on winning the 2024 PC Financial Resilience Project Accelerator Best Project Award,” said Ian Hanning, SVP, Finance & CFO, PC Financial. “PC Financials’ ongoing partnership with Enactus Canada is vital in the efforts to promote financial literacy and represents an exciting opportunity to combine the strengths of Canada’s brightest students to create a positive impact for Canadians. 

The PC Financial Resilience Project Accelerator is designed to empower Enactus teams with the resources needed to identify, create and deliver projects that use financial education to build resilience in underserved populations (including, but not limited to, visible minorities, indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and/or women). 

The Enactus Canada National Exposition is an annual three-day event that unites hundreds of delegates including the country’s brightest university and college students, academic professionals, and top Canadian CEOs to enable progress by supporting entrepreneurial action through competition, recognition and education. 

For more information about the event, competition updates, and results, visit enactus.ca/events/national-exposition 


Enactus Canada is a registered Canadian charity providing programs to inspire post-secondary students to initiate and operate socially and environmentally positive enterprises. Currently, more than 2000 students on 75 campuses across Canada are engaged in Enactus projects dedicated to improving the quality life for people in their communities, across Canada and around the world.   

For more information, visit enactus.ca. 

About President’s Choice Financial: 

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