Have you ever sat in an interview and looked across to your potential employer and thought, ‘what are you thinking?’ Well, here’s the inside scoop.

Enactus - Sponsor-20Poise

  • Is this candidate confident and composed?
  • Are they dressed appropriately?
  • Are they so nervous it is distracting?


  • Is this candidate sincere with what they are saying?
  • Are they showing initiative?
  • Will they work well within our team?

Enactus - Sponsor-21Communications Skills

  • Is this candidate able to clearly articulate their answers?
  • Do they listen to the question properly and provide concrete answers to the question?
  • Are they able to effectively express themselves?

Research on the Company

  • Has this candidate done their research on the company?
  • Do they really know what our company does?
  • Have they showcased that they understand the history of our company?

Enactus - Sponsor-111Understanding of the Position

  • Does the candidate know exactly what this position has to offer?
  • Are they targeting their responses to fit this job description?
  • Are they asking the right questions about this position?


  • Does the candidate speak on past experience to support their answers?
  • Did they respond appropriately when asked about a negative past experience?
  • Are they looking for a permanent positing with our company and growing with the organization?

We all know the importance of being prepared for an interview, but next time try sitting in the interviewer’s seat and imagine what types of questions are running through their mind. This kind of preparation can put you ahead of the competition and ensure you’re ready for whatever is thrown at you.