After taking some time to wind down from a thrilling National Exposition, we are filled with the utmost gratitude for all of your hard work and support. Reconnecting properly in person for the first time since the pandemic was such a treat. So, as another competition cycle draws to a close, we wanted to take a second to reciprocate a fraction of the love you’ve shown us.

To our students, thank you for being the lifeblood of this organization. The work you’re doing day in and day out to make your communities a better place, not because you have to, but because you want to – it’s truly inspiring. The things you’ve accomplished and your fearlessness to shoot for the stars have humbled each and every one of us here at the national office. Whether you’re a seasoned vet who’s got years under your belt or a newbie who’s learning the ins and outs of Enactus, we’re happy and honored you’ve chosen to make Enactus a part of your story.

To our dedicated group of Faculty Advisors – Thank you! You truly are the backbone of Enactus – a beacon of light helping guide an unstoppable force for good. You do everything in your power to help set your students up for success, giving them every opportunity to succeed and realize their true potential. It’s not always the easiest job in the world, but you do it with such grace and we want you to know that your impact is far from lost on us at the National Office.

To our alumni, thank you for continuing to make Enactus such a big part of your life post-graduation. Your eagerness to help support us in judging competitions, stage managing, league coordinating, offering your insights and advice to current students, and the list goes on – truly warms our hearts. People groan when this term gets thrown around, but this network feels like family.

To our partners, thank you for believing that creating a better world starts at the grassroots level. Your support of Enactus Canada is truly changing the world. From initiatives helping create greener, more financially secure communities, to igniting the entrepreneurial passion inside us all, your investment of time, expertise, and capital is helping to shape the next generation of leaders across our country.

Here’s to an even better year ahead! We’ll see you soon, eh?

With full hearts,

The Enactus Canada National Office