Enactus - Sponsor-101It’s difficult for college and university students to compete with experienced candidates for the top jobs. But you have something they don’t – Enactus.

A poll out of Southwestern University found students who completed an internship were 13% more likely to find full time employment than those who did not. So what makes internships so great?

  • You Gain Valuable Work Experience
  • You Get an Edge in the Job Market
  • You Have Great Networking Opportunities
  • Enactus - Sponsor-111You Apply Classroom Knowledge
  • You Build Confidence

Now, think about Enactus as the ultimate internship.

  • Valuable Work Experience – You can demonstrate to employers that you have hands-on experience working with corporate, public and non-profit partners throughout your Enactus experience
  • Edge in the Job Market – Enactus is about results and when you are job hunting you can show employers your experience AND the tremendous results produced by that experience, which can give you a huge edge in the job market
  • Enactus - Sponsor-64Great Networking Opportunities – Whether it’s through your projects, career fairs at Enactus Canada Regional and National Expositions or the Enactus Canada Talent Community, you are constantly exposed to Canada’s top business leaders (and employers!)
  • Apply Classroom Knowledge – Everyday you are taking what you have learned in your business, human resources, marketing and countless other classrooms and putting it to work in your community
  • Build Confidence – When you ask Enactus students across the country how Enactus has changed them as people, they always talk about how it built their confidence and made them believe they could change the world

Your Enactus experience doesn’t end when you are handed your diploma. You take the Enactus  experience with you for the rest of your life. Use it to propel you into an incredible career – no matter the industry.