(TORONTO) 7 May 2019: Students at the University of Windsor launched an online curriculum for Ontario grade school and high school students focused on financial literacy, marketing, budgeting and green practices.

Enactus Windsor has been awarded the 2019 Capital One Digital for Good Best Project title by Capital One Canada at the 2019 Enactus Canada National Exposition in Vancouver.

Enactus University of Windsor’s Youthrive program has exposed over 650 youth to entrepreneurship, as they created 185 eco-friendly businesses that generated nearly $30,000 in revenues.

The Capital One Digital for Good Project Accelerator is designed to empower Enactus teams with the resources needed to identify, create and deliver truly innovative projects that use digital, tech and/or data to solve social problems within Canada, with the overall goal of improving livelihoods and/or the overall financial health of Canadians.

The 2019 Enactus Canada National Exposition unites 1,500 delegates including the country’s brightest university and college students, academic professionals and top Canadian CEOs to enable progress by supporting entrepreneurial action through competition, recognition and education.


ABOUT ENACTUS CANADA: Enactus Canada, a national charity and the country’s largest post-secondary experiential learning platform, is shaping entrepreneurial leaders who are passionate about advancing the economic, social and environmental health of Canada. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, more than 3,400 post-secondary students led 275 community empowerment projects and business ventures last year in communities coast to coast, positively impacting over 28,000 lives. As a global network of 36 countries, Enactus uses the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. For more information, visit enactus.ca.

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Enactus Canada