ProjectFLY2As you manage and evaluate the performance of your team, one of the key indicators is project impact.

Did your team’s project improve the quality of life and standard of living of project beneficiaries? How? By how much?

Indeed, these are the questions that Enactus competition judges ask.

More importantly, these are the questions your team should be asking itself to ensure continuous improvement.

How can you determine the impact of your project?

  • Step 1 Needs Assessment: Conducting a initial needs assessment at the start of your project is crucial because creating this baseline or starting point is the only way to determine the progress made over the course of the project
  • Step 2 Post-project (or year end) Evaluation: Assessing the progress of project beneficiaries at various points throughout the project (especially as they exit) helps determine the immediate or short term impact of your project
  • Step 3 Follow Up: Continuing to follow up with project participants and beneficiaries the year following their completion of your project (and subsequent years) provides tangible, quantifiable results regarding the long term impact of your project

Financial Literacy - TRU IMG_9286 copyRemember, measuring the impact of your projects not only impresses judges and funders, but also helps recruit new members and administrative support.

Most importantly, it reminds you of the positive change you are making in your community and in the individual lives of the people you have empowered.