Written by Christina Juneja, Human Resources Advisor, BDCChristina

The hardest job you will ever have is searching for a job! There are literally hundreds of thousands of candidates with varying experiences and skills from across the globe, competing with you for your dream job. So how do you rise above the crowd? Start your job search with an engaging and well defined social media profile.

Your picture is the first visual clue to your personality – what does your LinkedIn profile picture say about you? What adjectives describe your picture? Professional? Creative? Lazy? A picture is really worth a thousand words – make sure they are the right words!

Quick Tip: Be mindful that the backdrop of a picture is just as important as your headshot.

Focus on your achievements; your work experience and education are important but your achievements help you stand out as a unique contributor. Ensure that your work experience does not sound like a job description but rather it captures what you truly accomplished.

Quick Tip: If you need inspiration, search LinkedIn for people with similar expertise as you.

Keep relevant industry and business information on your profile. Share thought-provoking articles that are of interest to you. Comment on business events that you attend. Endorse others within your network.

Quick tip: On LinkedIn, join groups relevant to your industry and participate in discussions; talk to people in your industry network.

A well-thought out social media profile is the first step to a successful job search.