Enactus - Day2 - Low Res-87You are a communications guru.

Your critical thinking skills are top notch.

You have the strongest work ethic…ever!

So how do you effectively communicate these skills on your resume and in an interview?

Talk about Enactus.

  • Communication Skills – Written & Verbal

Employers love articulate individuals capable of sharing their thoughts in an understandable and concise manner – both written and verbally.

Participating in Enactus is an excellent way to develop communication skills. With experience presenting, networking, supporting and working with entrepreneurs, your participation in Enactus has already helped you develop this top skill that employers want!

TOP TIP: State how your communication skills have been developed and how effective communication helped you to be successful in Enactus and various roles throughout your resume.

  • Critical & Analytical Thinking Skills

Innovation and problem-solving as well as critical and analytical thinking are extremely valuable skills for employers because they are always in need of people who can not only identify problems, but develop and implement solutions.

Individuals who constructively critique existing practices and paradigms are the ones that have the power to change society for the better. This is exactly what you have done at Enactus.

Essay and proposal writing, developing and questioning theories and conducting research are also ways to enhance this skill throughout your academic career.

TOP TIP: Present this skill to a potential employer by creating an “Achievements and Highlights” section on your resume where you can list any awards or honours you’ve received (academically, professionally and through Enactus).

  • Strong Work Ethic & Professionalism

Self motivation, honesty, time management, reliability and integrity are all representations of professionalism and a strong work ethic.

Discussing Enactus values as well as teams you have led or projects you have worked on during your time with Enactus demonstrates professionalism and a strong work ethic – and are sure to impress any recruiter.

TOP TIP: Expressing that you have gone beyond the minimum requirements of your previous positions and excelled in the role is always impressive to recruiters. Show professionalism in an interview by demonstrating your knowledge of the company and your abilities in the key areas of the job you are seeking.

Jumpstart your career! Use Enactus to stand out from the crowd.