Cassidy Dever, Vice President, Competition and Director TELUS WISE at Enactus Calgary talks about how she got involved with TELUS WISE and how it is adding benefit to her team and their projects.

Q: What is TELUS WISE?
A: TELUS WISE is an educational program designed to inform people about smartphone and internet safety. This is a free program available to every Canadian and focuses on keeping members of our community safe from online criminal activity.

Q: How did you get involved?
A: I originally got involved when I saw a posting about becoming a TELUS WISE ambassador at the University of Calgary. I was instantly intrigued as I have personally experienced same of the challenges that can occur over social media. My involvement in TELUS WISE increased when I joined Enactus and had the opportunity to work closely with Shelly Smith the Director of TELUS WISE. Being involved in TELUS WISE on that level really helped me understand just how important this program is and seeing how passionate Shelly is what motivates me to become even more involved.

Q: What are the benefits to both you personally and your team?
A: Some of the benefits of being involved in this program is that I can apply everything I learn to my daily activities. I am constantly online using social media so knowing how I can keep myself safe is something I think about every day. This programmed has also opened my eyes to some of the consequences I didn’t know about or really think about when I was younger. As for my team we use social media a lot when it comes to marketing so knowing the do’s and don’ts helps us make sure we are using social media appropriately.

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